Top five most common household pest in Australia

Top five most common household pest in Australia

Australia’s major capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne and our own hometown of Brisbane have such a wonderful and diverse range of animals, insects and wildlife, people from all over the world travel thousands of kilometres to see them. Whilst our kookaburras and wombats are super cute, there are some pests we all want to avoid having in our homes.

Even though we have the notoriety of having some of the most lethal animals in the world, luckily most of these don’t invade our homes. There is really only the odd snake, redback spider and funnel webs that we need to look out for. Luckily things like the Stonefish, Irukandji Jellyfish and Crocs tend to steer clear of our living rooms unless you’re incredibly unlucky!

Most of the pests we’ve listed below can be found in most major cities across Australia. If you find any of the following pests in your home, feel free to call us and we will come to your property and conduct a thorough pest control to ensure you won’t run into any of these creepy crawlies again.

What’s defined as a common pest?

Before we jump into what the most common pests in most households in Australia are, we need to define what a household pest actually is. When dealing with household pests, they can be defined as common pests if they are found in most homes around Australia.

Whilst the types of mosquitoes may vary from Hobart to Darwin, the mosquito could still be classed as a common pest as they’re found all throughout Australia. Same goes for cockroaches, flies and other common pests.

What are the most common household pests in Australia?

Now we’re going to dive into some of the most common household pests we come across in our day-to-day work as a Brisbane Pest Control company. If you find any of these pests in your home, please contact us and we can come out and deal with them professionally. Please note, this list is in no particular order as different areas suffer from different infestations of pests.

#1 Cockroaches

There’s no other pest that causes people to recoil more than cockroaches. They fly out of nowhere and many people hate the idea of them being in their home, crawling over their food, rifling through packets and pooing all throughout their home. Possibly one of the most common pests we come across, the cockroach’s ability to live in a range of different climates and areas is amazing.

In Brisbane, they’re more likely to turn up uninvited to your home in the colder months when they seek warmth and food sources. Cockroaches will eat almost anything, leftover food scraps, pet food, crumbs, etc, but their favourite food source is anything with cellulose in it like paper, cardboard, glues, etc. This is why you will often find them in sheds and garages where there are boxes and cartons.

If you think you have cockroaches in your home, take a look at our blog post How to tell if you have cockroaches in your home (and what you can do about it) then give us a call.

#2 Termites

These can easily be classed as Australia’s most expensive pest as they create hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes every year. With hundreds of homes in capital cities falling prey to termites every year it’s super important you make sure termite inspections are regularly carried out on your property be it residential or commercial.

Termites are sometimes called ‘white ants’ and will leave a range of different clues as to their existence in your home. Take a look at our blog article How to tell if termites are active in your house – this will give you an idea of what to look for when trying to find out if you have a termite issue in your home.

If you’ve found some telltale signs of termites, take a look at our article What to do if you find termites in or around your home for what to do next.

#3 Ants

Whilst most people would categorise ants as more of a nuisance than a real pest or a danger (unless we’re talking about Fire Ants – those little buggers will get you!) they definitely can be annoying and frustrating when you wake up and find them crawling all over your kitchen, bathroom or shower tray.

Whilst the small black ants most of us find around our homes are mostly harmless, there are some species of ants that will chew plastics and electrical wiring and ruin stored away items if they manage to build a nest around it.

#4 Rodents (rats and mice)

There’s a good reason people have such a guttural reaction to rats and mice in their home. They were one of the major disseminators of the black plague after all! With rats and mice come diseases and sickness and nobody wants this in their home.

If you’ve seen rats or mice in your home or see signs of rodent activity (take a look at our article How to tell if you have rats or mice in your home for more info on spotting the signs) talk to us today about how we can get rid of those rodents and keep your home free of rats and mice.

#5 Bed Bugs

Even though they’re small, bed bugs can do extensive damage to your home if left unchecked. Did you know that bed bugs can live for up to 12 months without a food source? Females can lay upwards of 150-200 eggs per day. If you’ve ever woken up with welts, bites and blood marks on your sheets, it’s likely you’ve got bed bugs.

There are things you can do like washing sheets in hot water, vacuuming every day and leaving mattresses outside in the sun, or you can call a professional pest control company like us!

So now you’ve read about the top five most common household pests you will find around most homes in Australia. Remember if you have a pest problem, feel free to contact us on 1300 057 067.


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