What are the most common spiders in Brisbane?

What are the most common spiders in Brisbane?

In Brisbane, we are lucky to be surrounded by many weird and wonderful animals; however, there is one pest most would happily avoid, the spider. 

With an estimated 10,000 different species of spider inhabiting our ecosystem nationwide, we can expect to become quite familiar with these eight-legged creatures. With a tepid Brisbane climate, many spiders find our homes the perfect place to take up residence, leaving families frantic and children terrified!

What spiders am I most likely to find in my home? 


Firstly, and most commonly, we have the huntsman spider. Huntsman spiders are notorious for their size and agility, often startling the bravest of people when they jump out from behind a curtain or run across the floor. These pests are not for the faint-hearted. Characterised by their long legs and brown hairy body, huntsman spiders are easy to distinguish from other Aussie natives. 

With male spiders living up to eight months and the females living up to 3 years, they tend to latch onto one habitat. This could be in your roof, wardrobe or hiding in your shoes. Living off a diet of small insects, frogs and lizards, they never have to stray far from your home to find food when living in suburban areas. 

What to do if you get bitten by a huntsman? Huntsman generally cause minimal harm; however, if you are unlucky enough to be bitten, it is best to apply an ice pack to alleviate pain and swelling. 

Daddy Long Legs

Next up, we have the daddy long legs spider, easily identifiable from their long skinny legs. This spider tends to be a little more placid in comparison to most other arachnids.

You will find them hiding in a thin web, generally in well-hidden, sheltered positions where they can live peacefully and without disturbance. Places such as under furniture, in the corners of walls, in sheds, garages and under decks are all popular hiding spots. Their diets consist of insects and other spiders, making them a more tolerable house guest given the work they do keeping other, less desirable, critters out!

Daddy long legs don’t tend to bite and, if provoked, will generally retreat away from danger. 

Black House Spider

The black house spider, also known as a window spider, is a common species in Queensland. Characterised by their black body and small size, these pests can be a little harder to spot. 

With the females growing up to 1.9 millimetres and the males only growing to half of that size, these spiders often go undetected in wardrobes, behind doors and in window framing. The main issue with the black house spider is that its web shares a striking resemblance with that of the funnel-web spider. 

Funnel webs are Australia's deadliest arachnid. A bite from one of these guys could cause extreme illness and even prove to be fatal. However, if you can take a closer look, there are several notable differences between the spiders themselves, making it easy to distinguish between the two. The black house spider has a more velvet texture and is more timid, running away from potential threats. 

However, if you get bitten by one of these spiders, you may experience severe pain at the site, vomiting, nausea, muscle pain, heavy sweating and headaches. If bitten, medical attention should be sought immediately. 

Mouse Spiders

Mouse spiders are closely related to trapdoor spiders and funnel-webs; however, they can usually be identified by their large protruding fang sheaths at the front of their heads. Their dark brown/black colour and small size give them the advantage of almost perfect camouflage, making your family garden the perfect place for them to nestle. 

Often found in silk burrows under leaves, garden mats, and soil, these spiders are infamous for their large fangs and impeccable strength. With one bite easily penetrating human skin, they are one to avoid! During the day, they will often wander around searching for food or a mate, but when disturbed, they will attack, causing serious harm. 

Their diet mainly consists of small insects; however, they can also easily feast on small mammals. With their razor-sharp fangs, they can rapidly puncture the skin of any small mammal or even the hardest shelled insects, killing them within seconds. 

If bitten by a mouse spider, you must seek immediate medical help. The venom in their bite is toxic, often causing life-threatening reactions and a high risk of fatality in young children. 

Redback Spiders 

Every Aussie is familiar with the trademark appearance of the redback spider. The red stripe along their abdomen cannot be missed making them an easily identifiable, but dangerous pest. Their small size allows them to fit perfectly into small spaces and to camouflage themselves, leading to an attack where you least expect it. 

Redback’s love the Brisbane climate. Our humid, warm weather is a prime example of their optimal living conditions. You will find them hiding in mailboxes, on playgrounds and even under toilet seats. They are also frequently found hiding within metal fixtures as they gravitate towards the warmth. 

Despite common misconceptions, the female redbacks are the ones to avoid. They are the venom carriers and can be identified by their size and the vibrancy of their red stripe. The males are often considerably smaller and have a muted, often more orange, version of the very bright stripe displayed on the female. 

If bitten, you can expect immediate pain at the site, quickly accompanied by headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and in rare cases, paralysis. The bite that redback spiders inflict can be fatal, especially to the young, elderly and compromised. If bitten, you must apply first aid and seek immediate medical attention. 

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