Termite Treatments Bracken Ridge


Home to loads of parks and bushland areas, Bracken Ridge is one of those lovely green suburbs that is leafy, shady and a delight to work and live in. Whilst we love older, more established suburbs for their parks and leafy streets, these are also the food source to one of the most destructive insects in Brisbane. Termites love to feed on wood so wherever there’s a buildup of trees, dead wood and rotten branches for termites to feast on, they will inevitably make their way into your home if their natural food source runs low or they’re made to move onto a different area by fire, land clearing or cleaning up of bushlands and trees around your area.  

Bracken Ridge Termite Treatments

With Bracken Ridge Reserve smack bang in the middle of the suburb and Bald Hills creek to the North-West, there’s plenty of space and food for a variety of pests, vermin and insects to breed and make their way into your home.   Silverfish is something we see a lot of in North Brisbane. If you’re seeing Silverfish in and around your home take a look at our blog post Silverfish in Brisbane – identification and treatment options and if none of the options in that article help you, give us a call on 1300 057 067 and we can organise a treatment not only for Silverfish, but for Mice, Rats, Fleas, Bees, Wasps, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Ants (externally), Mites, Lice, Carpet beetles and of course, termites.