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If you’re living in Brighton we really do envy you. It’s one of the most beautiful suburbs in Brisbane in our opinion. Nestled between Moreton Bay, the Tinchi Tamba Wetlands and the North Pine River, it’s one of those beachside gems that are getting harder and harder to find.

Even though it’s close to the ocean and has lots of parks and esplanades, Brighton still has its fair share of bugs, rodents, pests and insects. The wetlands to the east are a haven for rodents and insects and often mosquitoes are a real problem also (although council tries to keep them under control with spraying).

If you’re in Brighton and you find yourself in need of a pest control company, we’d love to talk with you. Give us a call on 1300 057 067 and we can chat about the pest control services you need.


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If you’re looking for complete pest management in Brisbane and surrounding areas, Abolish Termite & Pest Management is the service for you.

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