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australian-cockroach Living in Chermside has loads of benefits. For one, you’re super close to one of the top ten largest shopping centres in Australia. There are so many different services available in and around Chermside from Rode Road and Hamilton Road in the south through to Murphy Road and Merchant Park in the north. One thing we have noticed for residents in Chermside is that there’s a creek running pretty much through the top of your suburb (Downfall Creek) so cockroaches can sometimes be an issue. If you’re finding you’ve got cockroaches in and around your home, it’s likely where you see one, there’s a whole lot more of the little creepy crawlies making their way into your home. This is where a professional cockroach extermination service can help you get rid of your insect problem once and for all.

Signs of cockroaches in your home or business

If you’ve seen the odd cockroach here and there in your home or your business, it’s likely there are more you haven’t seen so it’s worth calling a cockroach pest control like us to organise a treatment. If you’re not sure if you’ve got an issue, take a look around your premises for the following signs of cockroaches:-

  • Small poppy seed looking droppings around your kitchen or out of the way placesThere’s a musty, oily, earthy or dank smell (this often indicates an infestation)
  • Hollow brown egg cases (technically they’re a casing, but they look a little like tiny hollow brown eggs)
  • Paperwork being eaten (cockroaches love paper and cardboard so check around storage boxes or reams of paper)

What to do if you see cockroaches in your home or business

If you’ve looked around your property and find some or all of the following signs above, the first thing you will probably do is head straight to Google and type in something like ‘cockroach exterminator near me’ which will hopefully get you to our website. The next step is to pick up the phone and contact us on 1300 057 067 so we can come out and complete an inspection. From there we’ll be able to give you options for treatments, timeframes for completion and pricing. Before and after treatment it’s important you make sure you eliminate any opportunities for cockroaches to make their way back into your property. This can be done by:-

  • Remove their food source (boxes, papers, storage boxes, etc)
  • Don’t leave rubbish or food lying around (in staff kitchens or in bins)
  • Fix any water leaks so they don’t have any water to drink in your property
  • Seal up any cracks or holes, particularly in kitchens and pantries
  • Empty bins daily
  • Clean up any clutter that may be housing cockroaches

If you’ve got a cockroach problem, you’re in Chermside and require the services of a professional cockroach treatment company, please call us today on 1300 057 067 and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.


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