Professional Flea Treatment & Removal – Hendra

Right next to the airport and a stone’s throw from the city, Hendra is ensconced between the famous Doomben Racecourse and the East-West Arterial Road that links up to the airport. Whilst much of the area has been set aside for commercial and industrial businesses, there are many homes and houses in and around Hendra that can fall prey to termites, fleas, cockroaches and other insects, bugs and pests.

Given it’s an older suburb, we find many people have wonderful Queenslander homes and big backyards, however, given the regular dry spells Queensland has during the winter months (and also more often in summer it seems!) there’s lots of opportunity for dust and dirt to accumulate in backyards instead of grass. Fleas love living in dirt and dust so if you have a patch in your backyard that doesn’t have grass growing and if just a patch of bare earth, this is a haven for fleas.

It’s not just fleas that can start to live in your backyard if you have the correct conditions, ticks can lay eggs or live in and around your yard or in bushlands and parks close to your home. By having Abolish Termite & Pest Control conduct a pest inspection around your home, you will have peace of mind knowing that we will be able to identify and treat a wide range of pests, insects, rodents and animals.

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