High-quality termite barriers and special termite treatments can keep your home termite-free for years, preventing these pests from even entering and infesting your property. These termite treatment options effectively keep them away from your building, blocking their entry and discouraging the build-up of nests and colonies.

If you’d like to get rid of termites and prevent them from settling in your building, then Abolish can help. We’ll use the right termite treatments and termite barrier solutions so your home stays completely termite-free. Call 1300 057 067 today or contact our team to get a FREE onsite quote.

Chemical Termite Barrier

termite treatmentsA chemical barrier is one of the most common termite barriers used today. It involves creating a protective perimeter in the soil around your property by treating it with special chemicals that keep termites away. The way we create this termite barrier around your home depends primarily on the structure and layout of your property.

The most common method is trenching, which involves digging trenches directly around your home. We’ll then apply termite treatment chemicals in the trenches and then fill it back with treated soil.

We will also drill holes in the concrete around your property and inject them with chemicals. We’ll then seal these holes with plastic plugs or concrete to ensure that your home is left neat and tidy again.

Physical Termite Barrier

A physical barrier is a termite treatment solution that’s often used for new constructions or properties being renovated. It often involves placing chemically treated sheets underneath or around the slabs of your property. These physical barriers are designed to prevent concealed termite entry forcing termites out, to be found during your regular Termite inspection by your fully trained and licence pest management professional.

Physical termite barriers can also be placed around pipe penetrations and other building openings that termites might be able to enter on your property.

Different Homes, Different Solutions

Termite treatments are absolute musts for any home – new or old. What’s not as clear, however, is the best way to do it. Like most other home maintenance activities, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to termite prevention. The right solution is ultimately one that’s tailored to your property, budget, and situation.

The following are some of the things you need to consider when deciding what termite treatment plan and termite barrier to use for your property:

Property Type

Are you treating an old family home, or is it a new construction that’s still being finished? Does its structural design allow for chemical or physical barriers? These are just some of the questions that you need to consider when deciding on a solution. Every property is different, and each has its own requirements and potential solutions.

Level of Infestation

Are there existing termite colonies on your property? Or do you simply want to keep termites well away? Existing termite colonies will require treatment before we implement a termite treatment plan or treatment barrier.

Type of Chemical

There are different types of chemicals in the market – some are designed to kill termite colonies, while others simply discourage them from coming near in the first place. For the best results, you should select a chemical that’s designed to achieve the results you want.


In many cases, how much you’re willing to spend can influence what type of termite treatment or termite barrier you can get. Keep in mind that your budget should also consider more than just the service fee; it should also consider how big your property is and what type of termite treatments you prefer.

Although there are many things to consider, rest assured that we’ll always discuss all these factors with you beforehand. This ensures that you get the solution that’s right for you and your property.

Termite Inspection

Before applying any termite treatment to your home, it’s important that you know what you’re dealing with first. A thorough professional inspection will give you an accurate assessment of what kind of termites you’re up against. It will also help uncover any problem areas or underlying issues that may not be as obvious from the outside.

Abolish offers a full on-site evaluation and termite inspection, so you know exactly what you’re facing and how to deal with it. As professionals who’ve done this for years, we know what to look for when conducting inspections, and we can spot potential issues before they get worse. You’ll also be glad to know that our team works according to Australian standards so you can stay confident in the quality our assessment and reports.

Keep Termites Away

If you want termites to stay away from your home, then you need to work with professionals who can determine the right solutions for your property and implement them effectively.

For years, Abolish have been the specialists of choice for those in Brisbane and the South East Queensland region. We help clients keep their homes free from termites, using termite treatments that fit their needs and budgets.

At Abolish, we’ll always make sure that you do it right the first time around. We’ll work closely with you no matter how easy or tough the job may be, ensuring you get the right solution for your property. We also work according to Australian standards and use the latest tools and technologies for termite barriers, so you know you’re getting solutions that will get results.

For safe, professional, and effective termite treatment, Abolish Termite & Pest Management are the specialists you can always trust. Call us on 1300 057 067 for a FREE onsite quote, or contact our team for more information.