Chemical & physical termite barriers – Kedron

Chemical & physical termite barriers

When dealing with termites in the Brisbane suburb of Kedron, a Termite Barrier is an excellent choice when it comes to stopping termites from entering your home. A termite barrier is either a physical barrier (often made from plastics or materials injected with termiticide) or a chemical barrier (where chemicals are used around your home to stop termites from entering it).

Not only are termite barriers effective in actually stopping termites from entering your Kedron home, but they also act like a virus enabling one termite to infect an entire colony to help with eradication.

Stopping termites in their tracks

A major benefit of termite barriers is that the only way for termites to enter your home is by building a trail over the top of the barrier which then makes them visible and can be dealt with accordingly. A well-placed or constructed termite barrier – be it chemical or physical, is designed to help stop termites entering your home.

In the unlikely event termites do get past a termite barrier, they will need to build visible mud tubes which will be picked up during an inspection, which in turn means the termites will be dealt with.

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