Mouse & Rodent Pest Control Toorbul

A beautiful coastal town bordering the wonderful Elimbah Creek, Toorbul is by far one of our favourite places to visit when we’re conducting pest inspections, pest control services or termite treatments (who wouldn’t love eating their lunch at the beach in between jobs!).

Mouse and rodent exterminators in Toorbul

If you’ve been hearing noises in your ceiling and walls at night, or scratching sounds coming through the walls, you may have a family of mice or rodents living in your roof. 

Not only can these pests chew at exposed wires, which can cause significant damage to your electrics and pose a potential fire hazard, but they will also likely enter your home at night and cause havoc in your kitchen. 

Signs you may have mice in your home:-

  • Noises coming from the ceiling at night
  • Bumps, shuffling, scratching and squeaks coming from walls
  • Droppings on the floor
  • Food being eaten or chewed
  • Fruit on benches or tabletops with bite marks in them (mouse-sized, not toddler-sized)

With all the bushlands, marshy areas and creeks around Toorbul, it’s a haven for pests like rodents, mosquitoes and cockroaches. 

If you’re having issues with pests in your home, call Abolish Termite and Pest Management and we will be more than happy to conduct a pest inspection and help you with any mice or rodent infestations you may have.

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