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If you’ve got a carpet beetle problem you quickly learn they eat anything and everything in your home. Nothing is safe. Furniture, carpet, clothing, shoes and even books, magazines and paperwork. If you’re seeing patches or holes in your carpets or finding holes in your furniture, it’s likely you have a carpet beetle problem that needs to be treated before extensive damage is done to your home.

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If your house has any of the following signs, it’s possible you have a carpet beetle problem:-

  • Thinning or damaged areas to carpets (particularly woollen or natural fibre carpets)
  • Damage to woollen clothes and blankets
  • Damage to furs or leather rugs (cow skins, etc)
  • Larval skins in hidden areas or under rugs and floor runners
  • Dead or dying beetles inside your home (adults need to get outside to mate but often end up dying inside)

There are many different home remedies for carpet beetles like steam cleaning carpets, constant, daily vacuuming or boric acid, etc and we don’t promote or discourage any of these methods. They work for some people in certain situations and don’t work for others.

If however, you have an ongoing carpet beetle problem and you just can’t seem to get rid of them, we can treat and help get rid of them with a carpet beetle larvae treatment. To deal with your carpet beetle problem call us today on 1300 057 067.


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