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Fleas. They’re man’s best friend’s worst enemy. If your dog has been itching and scratching and you’re not sure why, there’s a good chance you’ve got fleas either under, in or around your home.

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Abolish Termite & Pest Management are a local business owned by Queenslanders and working with businesses in and around Brisbane. We are 100% Australian owned. Call or contact us today.

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We’ve helped Brisbane customers get rid of fleas all over Brisbane’s northside for more than 15 years.

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We’ve got expert flea extermination and control techniques, plus our operators are ready to take your call and help with an effective flea control management plan.

Fully Insured & Licensed

We’re fully insured and licensed so you know you’re dealing with a professional company.

Looking for a reliable and local flea removal service near you?

If you’ve ever lived in a house with fleas in the carpet or in dusty areas around your home you know how it can drive your pets crazy. The extra scratching can leave hair all over your home, fleas on the carpet and lots of discomfort for your pets. We help eliminate fleas from your home so your pooch or kitty can live in comfort and you won’t have to spend a fortune on bath elixirs, treatments and collars.

If you think you might have a flea problem, here are some tell-tale signs to look out for:-

  • Animals licking, scratching and biting themselves more than usual
  • Red or bald patches of skin on your pets
  • Your pets never seem to get comfortable or seem more restless than usual
  • Small powdery looking bits on your pet’s fur (looks a little like cracked pepper)
  • You or your pet has welts and bumps
  • You can feel little nips or bites but can’t figure out what they’re from

We can treat and help get rid of a wide range of insects, including fleas. To deal with your flea problem call us today on 1300 057 067.


A warranty certificate issued with each treatment so you have peace of mind.


Our inspectors use the latest in insect control products and are applied by an Accredited Applicator.

Australia Wide

Our revolutionary products have been used to treat 200,000 homes.

Customer Support

If you have concerns or questions, call us any time.

If you’re looking for complete pest management in Brisbane and surrounding areas, Abolish Termite & Pest Management is the service for you.

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