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If you’ve seen signs of mice in your home, you may have a mouse infestation problem.

Seeing droppings or noticing food packages or food left out overnight has been nibbled are all signs of possible mouse activity in your home. If you’ve seen one mouse in your house, its very likely there’s more lurking in the shadows, just waiting to spread disease and ruin food, electrical cabling and more throughout your home.

Mouse in the house – what are the signs?

We’re lucky to live in such a great city like Brisbane or the newly appointed city of Moreton Bay. Our climate and lifestyle mean we spend a lot of time outdoors and have light, airy and open homes. This also means mice and other rodents can sometimes easily make their way into your home.

Here are some things to look out for when looking for signs of mice in your home:-

  • Strange noises from the walls
  • Droppings in and around your home
  • Gnaw marks on furniture, electrical wires and food packets
  • Visible signs of nesting - shredded paper, fabric or insulation
  • A strong, musty odour like ammonia
  • Smudges or ‘greasy’ marks along your walls
  • Dogs barking or sniffing at walls

Mouse control that just works

We get it. You want to get rid of those pesky mice as quickly as possible. That’s where we come in to offer our rodent control solutions. Here’s a basic outline of how it works:-


We will conduct an inspection of your property to help us identify mice activity, such as droppings, gnaw marks, entry points and nesting sites. This helps us to determine the extent of the possible infestation and plan an extermination strategy.

Identify entry points

We will help to figure out how mice are gaining access to the property and look for any gaps around pipes, vents, doors and windows.

Create a rodent control strategy

Based on what we find, we will create a plan specifically for your home. This could include traps, baits, chemical treatments and sealing up entry points depending on the severity of the infestation.

Looking for a mouse removal service in Brisbane?

I’ve seen a mouse, is my health in danger?

If you’ve seen a mouse in your home, it doesn’t mean your health is in direct and instant danger.

However, if you don’t do something about it and the problem becomes more severe, it can impact your and your family's health. Mice are known for carrying diseases such as hantavirus, salmonellosis and leptospirosis. They can also trigger allergies and asthma along with contaminating your food sources and damaging property around your home.

Don’t wait for a full-blown infestation, deal with mice before it’s a more significant issue

If baits and traps are not helping your mouse problem, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Abolish Termite and Pest Management have been offering mouse extermination services for residents in north Brisbane for over 15 years and have successfully treated multiple mice and rodent infestations across the area.

We offer those living in Brisbane and Moreton Bay a safe and effective way to get rid of mice and rodents that doesn’t break the bank or harm your family and pets.

Don’t wait - talk to us today about mouse control

If you’ve seen mice or signs of mice in your home, don’t wait until they become a bigger problem than you can handle. Contact the experts today and talk to Abolish Termite and Pest Management on 1300 057 067.


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