Termite inspections

All termite inspections done on Brisbane properties are done in accordance with all relevant pest control and Australian standards so you know you’re getting a quality termite report.

We make sure to check everywhere around your home that’s accessible including inside, outside and inside your ceiling. We check your backyard for possible signs of termite activity including garden beds, tree stumps, fence posts and any other wooden structures that could be a potential food source for termites.

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What do our termite inspections cover?

Where possible we will access all areas of your home. If an area isn’t accessible (like a roof void or fenced off area) we will discuss with you how best to access these areas before we conduct the termite inspection service.

Our trained and experienced pest control technicians will provide you with a full termite control report that covers:-

  • Everywhere we have inspected for termites
  • Everywhere we were not able to access
  • If any termites were found and what type they were
  • If a termite nest has been located on your property
  • Any termite damage that has been located
  • Any potential hazard areas (moist areas around your home that termites might be attracted to for example)
  • The condition of any drill holes or termite barriers
  • The degree of risk of a potential termite attack on your home
  • A Pest Management Sales Rep and a Client

About our termite inspections

The advice you receive in your report will help you to establish if your home is either under attack by termites or there is a risk area within or around your home that termites might find inviting. Our termite technicians will run through the report in detail with you once the termite inspection has been completed and we advise on the best plan of action should any live termites be found.

All our pest control and termite inspection staff are fully trained, accredited and licensed in termite inspection and use a range of different methods to detect termites in and around your home from physically viewing areas using torches, ladders and scopes if needed along with listening to timbers using knock test methods.

How much do your termite inspections cost?

Our standard Termite Inspection costs $239 and this includes inspection of interior, roof voids, subfloor, exterior and surrounding property for evidence of termites and situations conducive to infestation. Inspection includes a comprehensive written report.

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Keep Termites Away For Good

If you want termites to stay away from your home, then you need to work with professionals who can determine the right solutions for your property and implement them effectively.

For years, Abolish have been the specialists of choice for those in Brisbane and the South East Queensland region. We help clients keep their homes free from termites, using termite treatments that fit their needs and budgets.

At Abolish, we’ll always make sure that you do it right the first time around. We’ll work closely with you no matter how easy or tough the job may be, ensuring you get the right solution for your property. We also work according to Australian standards and use the latest tools and technologies for termite barriers, so you know you’re getting solutions that will get results.

For safe, professional, and effective termite treatment, Abolish Termite & Pest Management are the specialists you can always trust. Call us on 1300 057 067 for a FREE onsite quote, or contact our team for more information.


A warranty certificate issued with each treatment so you have peace of mind.


Our inspectors use the latest in insect control products and are applied by an Accredited Applicator.

Australia Wide

Our revolutionary products have been used to treat 200,000 homes.

Customer Support

If you have concerns or questions, call us any time.

If you’re looking for complete pest management in Brisbane and surrounding areas, Abolish Termite & Pest Management is the service for you.

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