Termite Inspection & Treatment for homes in Donnybrook


Right next door to Brisbane Island, Donnybrook is one of the most beautiful small coastal towns on the north side of Brisbane. Surrounded by ocean and a large parcel of land in Bullock Creek Conservation Park, Donnybrook is one of those rare gems in Brisbane that is secluded, yet only a short drive to the CBD, hospitals and other amenities. 

Given Donnybrook is an older suburb, we see lots of post-war homes with lots of wood and cladding for termites to munch on. Given there are several wet areas in and around Donnybrook, homes in the area can be susceptible to invasion and damage by termites leading residents of the area to look for termite prevention treatment and termite treatment costs for their homes. 

We offer a range of different termite treatment options from termite inspections, chemical termite barriers, physical termite barriers and of course regular termite inspections and reports. 

If you live in Donnybrook or any of the surrounding suburbs like Meldale, Toorbul or Elimbah and would like a Brisbane based termite treatment company to come to your property and treat your home for termites (also known as white ants) call Abolish today on 1300 057 067.